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  FINALLY: A DOCTOR has found the REAL
‘Quick Fix’ -- a "BLUEPRINT" for Better Health!

  Forget about those other so-called 'Quick Fixes' for feeling better. You're
about to discover the TRUE reason why many people really struggle with
health challenges and how to QUICKLY overcome them the RIGHT way!

    * Have little 'Spare Time' Each Day to Improve Your Health!

    * Think Being Healthy is 'Too Expensive' & You Can't Afford It!

    * Believe You're 'Too Old' to Change & Feel Better!

    * Have Tried Other so-called 'Quick Fixes' that Didn't Work in the Past!

    * Have 'Lost Hope' & Feel Like Giving Up!

    * Are Not Sure this Solution 'Will Work' for YOU!
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I have to be honest, when many of patients and clients used to ask me for a 'quick fix' to improve their health, I would often get frustrated and tell them: “There is no such thing!”.

Over time, this request didn't stop either. And... after hundreds upon hundreds of people asking me over and over, I began to become very motivated to find this so-called 'Quick Fix' to better health! However, I knew this 'Quick Fix' could NOT be a bunch of snake oil or gimmicks that promise everything in regards to improving health, but deliver NOTHING- that is, at least not in the long run!

I knew the REAL 'Quick-Fix' had to be...

  • Different!
  • Real!
  • Ethical!
  • Safe!
  • Affordable!
  • AND... Something that Actually WORKS!                            

There are countless new 'Quick Fixes' showing up all the time in the media. However, one of the main problems with them is that they try to trick the body! Your body is smart. It can't be tricked into better health; it must be trained into better health instead!

The only way to train the body correctly is to give it what it truly needs by working WITH IT!
Just think about it: Does it make sense to deprive the body of what it really needs to achieve better health quickly and still expect it to actually work?  Of course not!
As such, many other so-called 'quick fixes' just provide an illusion! However, it's MUCH WISER to have the real deal if you want

Another main reason many other 'quick fixes' fail is that they are based on trying to fix just one thing! Now... this would be okay IF,

However, the 'RIGHT THING' MUST include an actual solution to better health-- something many other 'quick fixes' just seem to ignore. In other words, their success and effectiveness is based upon hope and luck, instead of an actual proven method that works! 

* They are NOT Safe!

* They are 'Too' Expensive!

* They are 'Too' Complicated to Understand!

* They are NOT Easily Accessible!

* They promote Addiction & Codependency!

* They are NOT Sustainable!

* And the LIST could GO ON... And ON!

Although you may have tried some of these other 'quick fixes' in the past, you've probably always found them to be disappointing, frustrating, and ineffective. In fact, you may have even found some of them to be just plain WORTHLESS and even ended up doing you more harm than good!

Can you relate?

Look... there is nothing wrong with wanting to get out of pain, to stop suffering, and to feel better quickly!

It's just how humans are wired. We seek to avoid pain and move toward pleasure! Most people (including yourself) DON'T want to feel lousy every day! Who could blame you for that?

Let's face it: It's just not a fun way to spend life! So, don't be too hard on yourself for just trying to make your life better. It's NOT YOUR FAULT that past attempts have failed. You have just not been shown the RIGHT WAY to get the results you DESERVE!

Well... that's ALL about to change RIGHT NOW!
As a licensed Physical Therapist & Wellness Consultant with over 19 years of clinical experience, I've watched thousands of people overcome their health challenges and achieve 'Better Health'!  During this time, I've also gained some very VALUABLE insight into what this REAL 'Quick Fix' truly IS, and how to GET IT!

Now.. I would like to SHARE IT with YOU too!

It's called...  

Bad Health Be Gone: A 'Quick-Fix' Blueprint for Better Health!

This program is packed full of great health-empowering information, as well as easy-to-follow action steps to help you

In this program, I will share the many simple strategies that I have used with thousands of patients and clients over the years that have helped them feel MUCH BETTER again!

You will learn a TRUE  "Blueprint for Better Health" that is: Safe, Affordable, and Easy-to-follow! This can help you FINALLY overcome YOUR health challenges and STOP SUFFERING, so YOU TOO can truly say: “Bad Health Be Gone!" 
It puts YOU in the 'driver seat' of your own HEALTH DESTINY!

It allows you to take control and no longer be at the mercy of pain, suffering, or ill health. It gives YOU the Knowledge, Tools, and Strategies needed to 'SUPERCHARGE' YOUR HEALTH and ACHIEVE TOTAL HEALTH SUCCESS!

One of the biggest challenges in creating a program like this was to design it in a way that would allow people to progress at a comfortable pace. I've learned that when people are given too many things to do at once (and/or feel like they are being forced to change too quickly) to improve their health, they won't succeed very often.

Instead, they just end up getting overwhelmed, frustrated, and then quit!
This is WHY many other programs FAIL!

AND... This is ALSO WHY this program IS SO MUCH BETTER! 

It will guide you step-by-step, at a comfortable pace, towards feeling better quickly!

* Expensive MEDICAL Bills!

* FREQUENT Trips to Doctors!

* Ineffective MEDICATIONS & the NEGATIVE Side-Effects!


* Feeling 'TRAPPED' Inside Your OWN Body!

* Being Depressed, Desperate & ALONE!


* WORRYING if YOU will just "FALL APART" as You Get Older!


* ELIMINATE Pain & Suffering!



* ACHIEVE a 'Glowing Complexion' & MORE BEAUTY!         

* ATTAIN BETTER OVERALL Focus & Concentration!         

* IMPROVE your DIET & OVERCOME Food Addictions!        

* PREVENT & CONQUER Chronic Health Issues!            

* BREATHE EASIER & Feel LESS Stressed!            

* BALANCE your Hormones & ELEVATE your MOOD!          

* RELAX, RESET, & REBOOT Your LIFE!          

* PREVENT Injuries & IMPROVE Your FITNESS Level!          

* CLEANSE & DETOXIFY Your BODY!          



What you GAIN from this program has the potential to NOT ONLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE... it could even help SAVE IT!

Basically there are 4 main reasons:
Reason #1: Cost

It's ironic that people will often spend money on things that wreak havoc on their health without any hesitation. However, when it comes to spending money on things that improve their health, they all of a sudden become very hesitant and sometimes, even very frugal.

Bottom line: People can afford whatever is a priority in their life. Having good health is NO exception! So... if you make 'GOOD HEALTH' a PRIORITY in you life, you will always be able to afford it! 

Look... Considering that your HEALTH is your GREATEST ASSET in life, you CAN'T afford to Ignore It!

Besides, as you will see after going through this program, being healthy SHOULD NOT have to cost a fortune. In fact, many of the things needed to become and remain healthy are actually FREE!

The 'small cost' of this program is absolutely nothing compared to what you would pay (or are possibly already paying) for medical bills, therapies, or other so-called 'quick fixes' that don't even work!

When investing in anything, you should always consider your ROI (Return on Investment). The ROI on this program is in fact one of its strongest features. Why? You only pay for it Once! AND... for the rest of your life, you will gain something that is worth thousands of times it's cost—BETTER HEALTH & IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE!

By the way, if cost is an issue for you for any reason, there is a Simple Payment Plan offered with this product to allow it to be purchased "stress-free"! I truly believe that everyone should have access to beneficial healthcare, so I want to help make sure it's affordable to as many people as possible!

Reason #2: Time

Okay, the next reason that holds many people back from improving their health is TIME!
“You don't have the time!” Right?

Again, just like money, if 'GOOD HEALTH' is truly a PRIORITY in your life, you will have plenty of time!
I guess the real questions are: What are you waiting for? & When IS the right time?

Bottom Line:  It's ALWAYS the Right Time to Improve Your HEALTH & Well-being!
And.. The Time is NOW!
  Why wait?

However, I know that many people (including yourself) may truly be limited with their time each day and they feel that "keeping healthy" is going to be 'too much' of a drain on their other commitments.

So, the good news is this: I SPECIALIZE in Helping Busy People Become Healthier!

In fact, I kept this in mind through the entire development process. This program was designed in such a way to allow people to progress at a slow and steady pace to help them avoid feeling overwhelmed & frustrated. That is the TRUE ESSENCE of this program!

Let's Face It: Constantly being sick and tired can be an enormous drain on your valuable time. Also, once you start to see the positive benefits of this program, you will realize that's it's TIME WELL INVESTED!

PLUS... Think of all of the TIME you WILL GAIN once you're Healthier & Feeling Better!

This means MORE TIME to do the things that really MATTERS to you MOST in Life!

Reason #3: Age

Okay, the next common reason that holds many people back is their AGE!
Let me guess: "You're too old", right?

Look: You are never, and I mean NEVER, 'too old' to make POSITIVE Health Changes in your Life!

Besides: Should your age really determine your quality of health or life? Of course NOT!

GOOD HEALTH knows NO Age Limits! Besides, if you decide to give up on yourself without even trying, you won't ever know how good you could feel and may always regret a lost opportunity. The human body is truly miraculous; and you’ll be surprised at what's possible once you're on the right health program—REGARDLESS of YOUR Age!

So, what if you're on the other end of the age spectrum?

Meaning... you think that you are far 'too young' to need a program like this. However, this may be entirely untrue! Don't be fooled into believing that just because you're young, good health will be automatic. This is NOT always the case! Many young people have health challenges too. Therefore, it's a good idea to 'take charge' of your health NOW! This will help you continue to enjoy good health as you grow older!

That's WHY... I have developed an approach that WORKS WELL for MOST Age Groups!

Reason #4: Confidence

Okay, now that we've conquered money, time, and age, that leaves only one thing left- CONFIDENCE!

Simply put: Many people just don't trust themselves! They don't BELIEVE they CAN DO IT! Trust me, I’ve been there! However, the ONLY reason I am where I am right now, is I made the DECISION to not allow fear or doubt to prevent me from doing what I knew was best for my health!

Let me put your mind at ease: This PROGRAM is EXTREMELY EASY TO FOLLOW! You CAN DO IT!
However, the real question is: Do you WANT to do it?

Look, if you have taken the time to seek out this program, then YOU ARE most certainly READY & ABLE to embrace it!
YOU too can enjoy the benefits of a TRULY HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE!

When people become overwhelmed trying to make positive lasting changes in their health, this often occurs for a few reasons:

* FIRST: Not knowing where to begin. NO PROBLEM!  This Program will Teach You That!

* SECOND: Not having a plan to follow. AGAIN, NO PROBLEM!  This Program will Provide You That!

* THIRD: Not being able to 'stay focused' on what matters most. This is one of the MAIN BENEFITS of this Program-- helping you
  STAY 'laser focused' on what needs to be done to TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH QUICKLY!
  That is why the subtitle of this program
  is called: “A 'Quick Fix' Blueprint for Better Health!”

So... what if you're just not sure you want to utilize this program?

Well... let's re-examine why you WOULD!

It's not just about achieving "Better Health". It's about HOW your life WILL BE DIFFERENT

It's about...



* LESS Doctors Visits & MORE 'QUALITY Visits' with FRIENDS & FAMILY!


* IMPROVED 'Energy Levels' that ENHANCE: 'WORK Life', 'PLAY Life', & 'LOVE Life'!

* BETTER Concentration & Focus-- in EVERYTHING YOU DO!


* Knowing 'HOW TO' Take 'Better Care of Yourself' & AGING GRACEFULLY!


Using the "Bad Health Be Gone Program" is EASY!

Simply Put: You will just follow the '4 EASY STEPS' to overcome your health challenges & get the REAL 'Quick Fix!

Step 1: Assess!- This STEP helps you KNOW 'where to begin' to get Optimal Results from the START!

You will be given a simple means (a questionnaire) by which to assess your overall health and help determine where you should begin. This will help prevent frustration, indecision, and allow you to make a positive first step to ultimate health improvement. Bottom line: If you start correctly, it's much easier to get the results you desire – Quick and Effective Health Improvement!

Step 2: Acquire!- This STEP helps you LEARN w'hat is needed' to Transform Your Health FAST!

You will be given the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to succeed! This will give you the certainty and clarity required to follow through correctly and get truly OPTIMAL RESULTS with this program!  How will you learn what you need to know? There are both written transcripts and audio files (mp3 files) provided that will help guide you correctly through the program.

Step 3: Act!- This STEP helps you 'carry out' the NECESSARY ACTIONS to Overcome your Health Challenges!

In other words, you will learn 'how to' act in the MOST EFFICIENT way to improve your health and get the 'Quick Fix'!
A comprehensive WORKBOOK will be provided to help you stay completely focused and ensure you are taking the proper
actions each day
required to Transform Your Health!

Step 4: Affirm!- This STEP helps you 'stay on track' for Long-Term SUCCESS!

You will be given a 'System-of-Health' that's safe, affordable, and easy-to-follow. There are 'Key Areas' of health that you will  address. By following the program correctly, you CAN THRIVE & LIVE a Better Life-- for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!
What others are saying about Dr. SAM's REAL 'Quick Fix' Approach:

“I'm super stoked that Dr. SAM has finally released his signature health program called: Bad Health Be Gone! I know it's been a long time in the making and that he has put much time, thought, and love into it. Dr. SAM has a unique style of conveying the message and principles of 'good health' to all. As such, I'm more than confident that this program will help transform many lives in a positive way and I am excited to let others know about it!”

-Chris Kendall, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher, Saskatoon, Canada

“We've known Dr. SAM for many years and have even hosted some of his health retreats. He is a great teacher with a great message! We're thrilled that he's been able to package his talents and wisdom in his new Bad Health Be Gone program, which is bound to help many people achieve a greater level of health and happiness. If you're looking for a simple and affordable health approach to follow, then we would highly recommend this program!”

-Brian and Jody Calvi, owners of Farm of Life Retreat Center, Costa Rica

“I've been waiting a long time for Dr. SAM's Bad Health Be Gone program to be released. I'm so excited because I know it's going to change so many lives, as it has mine! Dr. SAM is a true wellness expert. He not only makes complicated health matters simple to understand, he also provides a 'blueprint' for better health to help guide you as well. If you follow this program correctly, you are bound to have health success!”

 -Shannon Kilbourn, Board Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Georgia

“I've been a private client of Dr. SAM's for several years and have attended some of his health retreats as well. He's awesome to say the least! All of the advice and wisdom he's passed onto me has helped me overcome some significant health challenges (including chronic pain, balance issues, restricted breathing, and vision problems). I know his Bad Health Be Gone program will help many people feel better and thrive at a greater level. This program will definitely be a great investment in your health for sure!”

-Linda Lande, Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, North Carolina

“I feel that Bad Health Be Gone has the potential to significantly impact your health. As a chiropractor, I get asked for a 'quick fix' all the time. However, there's more to better health than just realigning the body with adjustments and Dr. SAM delivers a true 'quick fix' by addressing the total health equation. This program is a MUST if you really want the fast track to better health with long-lasting results!”

-Lisa Mohammed, Chiropractor, West Georgia

"I love to try 30-Day experiments to improve my health!" In fact, that is one of the best parts about Dr. SAM's Bad Health Be Gone Program. It's designed in a way that will assist you in moving at a comfortable pace so you don't get overwhelmed or frustrated with too much to do all at once. Self-love is about nourishing yourself on many levels. This program seems to address everything needed to do just that! As a result, your health is sure to positively transform!"

-Alyse Brautigam, Health Coach, YouTube All-Star
What format does this program come?

There are 3 options:

Option 1: Digital Only Version
  ALL MATERIALS will be provided as a 'Digital Download' & NO
Physical Product will be sent to you in the mail.

Option 2: Physical (Hard-Copy) Version: You WILL RECEIVE a Physical Product in the mail in a 3-ring binder that includes all product materials enclosed (including: a comprehensive questionnaire; the mp3 audio files; written transcripts; a workbook; and special bonus material).
*Note: Shipping and handling charges will apply to this option.

Option 3: BOTH Digital + Physical (Hard-copy) Versions: You WILL RECEIVE BOTH a 'Digital Download' & a 'Physical Product' will also be sent to you in the mail. Purchasing BOTH the Hard-copy & Digital Versions means less worry about losing or misplacing this awesome resource! It also means that wherever you are, it will be easier to access your program so you can stay on the path towards BETTER HEALTH & A BETTER LIFE!  *Note: Shipping and handling charges will apply to this option.


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I would like to "THANK YOU" in advance for MAKING A WISE INVESTMENT IN YOUR HEALTH! 

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Hard Copy Version 

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A PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL be shipped to you in the mail in a unique 3-ring binder format! *Note: A small shipping fee may apply. 

BOTH: Digital + Hard Copy

Normal Price: $597

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You will receive BOTH versions, which means instant access to a "Digital Download" & a PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL be shipped to you in the mail. *Note: A small shipping fee may apply.

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