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Bad Health Be Gone! $397 (Digital + Hard Copy Version)

This product includes: BOTH a Digital Version as well as a Hard Copy Version. The digital version will be delivered to you as a computer download.  The hard copy version (physical product) will be shipped to you in the mail. 

*Note: A $9.95 shipping fee will apply to this order if shipped within the U.S.
*This product is NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. at this time!  Please contact us if interested in international shipping availability updates.

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Order Summary
Dynamically Updated
Here's What You'll Get:
  • You will  get a simple-to-follow 4-Step 'Quick Fix' Blueprint for Better Health!
  • You will get a comprehensive 'Questionnaire' to help you Assess  your health so that you get optimal results right from the start!
  • You will get 'Written Transcripts' and 'Audio Files' to help you Acquire the knowledge, tools, an resources you need to transform your health quickly!
  • You will get a health-empowering 'Workbook' to help you Act, so that you stay focused, on track, and get awesome results!
  • You will get a whole 'System of Health' to help you Affirm that what you're doing is working to help ensure long-term success!
  • You will also get some 'Bonus' material that can help  you succeed in overcoming your health challenges!
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